Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Expressing Individuality With Jewelry

Everyone likes to be unique.  And everyone should be.  We are all individuals.  We have our own distinct personalities, interests, and idiosyncrasies. Perhaps what sets us apart from one another the most is our experiences.

Personal experiences in life affect who we are and shape who we become.  Some incidents may greatly impact a person: adoption, marriage, birth, loss, graduation, achievement of life goals.  These firsthand encounters give us wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and maturity.

I've been thinking about society.  We all have experiences.  We all have a personal history.  I wanted to find a way to express and display these cherished events.

I designed a necklace to honor special dates and keep them close to the heart.  I prefer a piece of jewelry that is modern, not traditional.  A small accessory with clean lines.  Something that can be worn everyday.

A special date.

The result is this custom date necklace.  The numbers hold special significance for the wearer while being interesting and mysterious to the casual observer.

The numbers across the top of the pendant represent a month.  Middle row (left to right) represents the day within the month.  Bottom row indicates that last two digits of the year being honored.

Two or more dates can be honored.

The specific measurements of this necklace are provided in my Etsy shop.

We are unique.  Let's celebrate our individuality. Let's celebrate our experiences.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Digital Scales for a Handmade Business

A digital scale is very helpful to have around when operating a handmade business.

This small appliance was on my list of items to purchase for quite some time, but I delayed shopping for one because the vast selection seemed overwhelming.  When I was ready to explore my options, I determined what the most important factors were for my situation:

  1. Size / weight of the items to be shipped.
  2. Accuracy of digital scales.
  3. Durability.
  4. Value.

The parcels sent out from my business are generally under one pound.  I quickly ruled out many of the digital desktop scales which may handle 75 pounds or more, and focused my attention on kitchen scales.  This was a good idea for me, personally, because I spend a lot of time cooking.  

Once I concluded a digital kitchen scale was the obvious choice for me, the browsing was easier.  I decided on the Escali Primo Digital Scale due to many favorable reviews on Amazon.com and multiple cooking websites / blogs.  The fun color options also made my decision easier.

What? No more standing in line at the post office??

This little scale is durable and easy to clean.  The display is straightforward and can measure in grams, pounds, or ounces.  Accuracy is good. Accommodates up to 11 pounds.  Sells for less than $30.

Owning a digital scale allows me to accurately determine the cost of shipping packages to customers.  I can also purchase and print shipping labels from my computer - a valuable time saver.

 I did not fathom how much this handy little device would be appreciated until it was actually here! What are some of the most useful items for your small business?