Friday, January 31, 2014

Custom Made Jewelry

The people have spoken.  They like custom made jewelry.

I am feeling honored this week after wrapping up work on several specially made pieces of jewelry.  It truly is wonderful when individuals entrust my hands to craft a meaningful keepsake.

A personalized cat necklace was the first item made.  This particular pendant is marked with the letter "e".  The story behind the design of this special token can be found here.   A percentage from sales of each cat memorial necklace is donated to From the Heart Rescue in Westfield, Indiana.

Pendant is entirely handcrafted.

Next, I was contacted from a client inquiring about a custom bracelet for her boyfriend.  He is a pilot.  She found the P-51 Mustang bracelet in my Etsy shop and was hoping to get an airplane silhouette made into a cuff for him.  She sent me an image and requested that his nickname be included on the copper.

Copper is cut by hand, given a heat patina.

My final customer wished to replace a lost ring.  She found these interlocking rings in my shop which were similar to the missing ring.  Through a series of conversations we determined the number of bands, thickness, and what type of finish she would like in a ring that she plans to wear regularly.

Combination of hammered and smooth bands.

 These stories and pictures exemplify the best thing about working directly with the maker: the end result is precisely what the buyer is seeking.