Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jewelry Design Inspiration

The inspiration behind the jewelry I create emerges in several ways.  A topic may spark an extensive drawing session.  This leaves me with ideas to make immediately, or alternatively, can give me more to build on.  Other concepts come about by playing with materials.  This is my favorite way to create.  Trying new and unexpected ideas with materials is fun.  I gain knowledge by doing this and improve my skills, even if the attempts are not successful.

Let me dissect the design process behind this pair of earrings I recently finished.  The inspiration came from one of my tools. 

I love the style of these dividers.  I bought the tool new, but it feels like an item that could have been used 60 years ago.  They appear sturdy and industrial.  I like the angles of the legs.  As a fan of texture, I appreciate the bumpiness of the buttons and handle.  Everything about them is very functional.

Considerable amounts of thought and sketching brought about this creation.

I created two buttons from precious metal clay and added texture to the sides.  Next, I balled the end of sterling silver wire to represent the knob from the dividers.  

The vintage copper bead corresponds to the thickness along side the divider's button.  I liked the appearance of the copper under rather than over the button in my design.

The flared triangle earring shape symbolizes the legs of the divider.  It is cut from sterling silver sheet.

I wanted to cover the piece with texture.  Hammering steel letters from a stamping set onto the silver would give the desired effect.  Did I want straight lines or an X shape? Practicing on a small piece of copper first (much more affordable than sterling silver) allowed me to see which pattern I preferred.  

Two holes were drilled into the triangle for attaching the balled wire and an earwire.  I hammered one end of each wire to flatten and appear more durable.  Rounding the hammered ends slightly with a file provides a finished look.  The wires were given loops and added to the triangle.  I squeezed them and gave a slight flare; functional because it prevents the wires from slipping off and it looks nice.  The earwire was formed by shaping around a pen.

The entire piece was given a patina.  I love the results on metal.  Tiny details and imperfections stand out to give the jewelry more character.

Where do you find inspiration? Share your ideas and methods!

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