Sunday, May 31, 2015

Handpicked for May

Looking back through the month of May.  This is a personal log of a few favorite experiences.

Material to work with:
Sterling silver sheet in 22-gauge from Rio Grande. (It is a sustainable material.) This silver is a good thickness; strong yet not difficult to work with.

Home cooked meal:
Simple grilled sweet potato and black bean burrito bowls with spicy cumin garlic drizzle from Laura Wright of The First Mess. Packed with flavor, this vegetarian dish was a hit with my family.  The spicy cumin garlic drizzle is especially tasty.  I will be using it to season additional recipes.

Local musician:
Chad Mills. Got a late dinner one evening and the pub had live music.  One guy with with his guitar. Enjoyed it so much that I called the restaurant the following day to find out who he was.

Greeting cards to send:
With a sentiment for any occasion, Little Low Studio is a great online spot for greeting cards. (She has an Etsy shop too.) The Mother's Day cards I purchased were beautiful.

The Unmistakable Creative. These episodes are candid conversations with fascinating, creative individuals.  Thought provoking and highly recommended. I'm hooked.

I bought this top from Thimble and Acorn.  The organic cotton is so soft, and the colors are gorgeous.  I love the cap sleeves.  Eve, the owner and maker, is fabulous to work with.

Now that Parks and Recreation has ended, I do not watch many comedies.  It takes smart writing to make me laugh. Silicon Valley is brilliant.  Never thought of myself as a Mike Judge fan, but loved season one, and this season is also quite good.

Fresh flowers:
We experienced many gray days this past Winter in Indiana.  I am thoroughly enjoying the sight of fresh flowers in my kitchen this Spring. Handpicked arrangements are especially cheery.

What have you enjoyed during the month of May?

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