Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Quick & Festive DIY Table Topper

The tree is trimmed, stockings are hung, but you still need something festive to spruce up your serving table before the Christmas party.  If you are like me, you probably have some unused ornaments.  Take a look through your boxes of holiday decor and pick out some in various colors and sizes.

Find an empty container for displaying your decorations.  I used a 12-inch tall, clear glass vase with an opening large enough to fit my hand inside.  Three small ornaments (I used stars) went into the container first to act as a space filler.  I tied a string from each star on to the hanging loop of a ball ornament.  Then I stacked the ball ornaments to the top of my vase, pointing them in random directions, allowing the stars to hang at different heights.

Wrap a string of lights around your vase a few times and trail it across the table.  Lights make everything a little more jolly.  Set out your cookies and let the fun begin! ( * The string of lights is recommended for tables that are located next to a wall.  Do not run cords across the floor and risk your guests tripping over them after a glass or two of eggnog. * ) 

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