Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Secret Message Jewelry, Part1

Let me share the details behind the making of my new, secret message ring.  It begins with three, fully interlocking rings.  Two of these bands represent people; partners in a relationship.  A third band is hand marked in morse code.  Its characters spell  L-O-V-E.  This third ring, intertwining with the other two, symbolizes a couple forever joined by love. 

Next, I created a sterling silver ring.  The band is tall enough to accommodate the word "ALWAYS" written inside. 

Formed and soldered. Ready for clean up.

The rings were filed, sanded, polished, and then oxidized.  I perform this step with all my jewelry to add character and enhance details - especially with letters and code on this particular piece. Notice how distinct the markings are with a patina.

The interlocking rings are designed to fit onto the silver band and rotate.  A brief video of their movement may be viewed on my Instagram page.  I overlapped the two styles and shaped the edges of the wide band ring in an anticlastic form.  Doing this permanently holds the interlocking rings onto the band.

Secret message rings are available in my Etsy shop.  Shown here is a thin, minimal style with the three interlocking rings only.  Morse code spells out "love" on the eternally joined bands.

 The wide band ring is also offered in my shop.  Made to order in US ring sizes.  An original design from Indyspire Art LLC.

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